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 Los Angeles screenwriters Stephen Foster, a Texas native, and Chuck Pelletier, a Canadian-American, are an award-winning comedy filmmaking team with an incredible, diverse background. Their combined voices blend together to create a wacky, off-beat collection of work reminiscent of Christopher Guest and Mel Brooks. Collectively, they have garnered over 70 industry awards for their creative projects in film, music and theatre.   

Their independent, comedy short “That’s Opportunity Knocking” won an astonishing 24 film festival awards and was picked up by Amazon. Their follow-up comedy short “Driverless” won 29 film festival awards. The duo created the Off-Broadway musical “The Green Room” which has been produced world-wide.

Foster’s drama “My Missing Year” is in pre-production by Yarn Spinner Entertainment.  (Produced & directed by Kylie Garcelon.)

In addition to the above credits, they have scored numerous achievements:

Foster & Pelletier won NOVA Mico Awards for outstanding achievement in independent film.

“Curious George: The Wedding Ring” treatment sold to Universal Studios.

Screenplay “Bumper Sticker” won both the Find the Funny Screenplay Contest and the Hollywood Gateway Screenplay Contest. Was Semi-finalist in the Page International Screenplay Contest.

Screenplay “Clubbed!” was a semi-finalist in the Page International screenplay contest. Winner Best Unproduced Script at Fusion International Film Festival. Winner Best Comedy & Jury Award at NOVA Film Festival. Honorable mention at Big Bear Film Summit.

Foster’s screenplay “My Missing Year” won the Jury Award at Nova Film Festival and won Best unproduced script at Fusion International Film Festivals London & Brussels. Winner finalist in Cosmic Film Festival. Winner of Runner-Up for Best Drama at Action on Film Festival. Semi-finalist in Table Read My Screenplay Contest and nominated for best Drama at Big Bear Film Summit. Second Rounder finalist in LaunchPad Screenplay Contest. Nominated for Best Unproduced script at Phoenix Shorts Festival.

Foster’s screenplay “Pyramid Scheme” was quarter-finalist in the Scriptapolooza Screenplay Contest and semi-finalist in the Mad Wife Productions fellowship.

Pelletier’s comedy “EVERYbody Wants to Kill SOMEbody” won best comedy feature at the Hollywood Dreams Film Festival.  And Quarter-Finalist in Stage 32 2nd Annual Feature Screenplay Contest.

“Dream Vacation” video (song by Pelletier/video by Foster) won Best Music Video at Big Bear Film Summit. Won Runner-up for Best Music Video at Action on Film Festival.

Foster’s web series “What’s My Intention?” was nominated as best web series at Action on Film.

Pelletier’s song “It’s All About Me” won the Songwriter’s Guild of America’s best musical song award.Foster’s play “Legends and Bridge” was nominated for 3 ADA awards and a Broadway World Award.

Foster wrote the self-help book “Awakening the Actor Within”



(scripts available upon request) 

Features/TV shows by

Chuck Pelletier and C. Stephen Foster

The Little Johnny Dumplin’ Christmas Show
Comedy feature by Stephen Foster and Chuck Pelletier


Former child star, Little Johnny operates a weekly cable-access show featuring D-list country acts that he manages. This dysfunctional ensemble attempt to boost ratings by hosting a live-streamed Christmas show. Everything goes wrong including a visit from aliens.

My Missing Year
Drama feature by Stephen Foster (produced and directed by Kylie Garcelon)

A southern, dysfunctional, family dramedy where a socially awkward, 11 year old, boy is forced to live in the Mason’s home for widows and orphans after his mother gets dumped by her second husband.


Comedy feature by Chuck Pelletier and Stephen Foster

An intellectual loser with no spine finds his job and marriage threatened when a group of cavemen are discovered nearby and invited to move into his community.

EVERYbody wants to kill SOMEbody
Comedy feature by Chuck Pelletier

An eccentric chemist and his new girlfriend scheme to collect the deposit for series of phony “hits”, and then skip town before killing any of the victims. When things go awry, they are forced to choose between actually killing them all, or be killed by them.



Pyramid Scheme
Comedy feature by Stephen Foster
Download script

A character-driven comedy where a Hollywood hopeful, gets roped into a multi-level marketing scheme after he loses his survival job. He tries to navigate Hollywood while peddling products to his family and friends in the rat race to reach the top of the Hollywood food chain.

Glamour, Please!
Comedy feature by Stephen Foster

Female driven, one-location comedy where a sibling feud erupts when a flighty, new-age guru forces her overweight sister to go to a fat farm: Whale Watchers. They both fall for the same hot massage therapist who offers more than happy endings.


Jagger and Edge
TV Pilot by Chuck Pelletier and Stephen Foster

“NYPD Blue” meets “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.” To avoid being kicked off the force, the angriest cop in Los Angeles agrees to be partnered with a tiringly entertaining rookie.

Sweetwater Goats
TV Pilot by Stephen Foster

Things are NOT what they seem in the backwater town of Sweetwater, Texas.  Everyone in this dinky, Bible thumping town has a skeleton rattling in their closet as they rally behind an 11-man football team that sucks.

The Dawg and Pony Show
TV Pilot by Chuck Pelletier and Stephen Foster
Sitcom meets variety show meets reality show.  Two friends, Dawg and Pony, own a streaming coffee house in NYC that attempt to attract top stars who drop in and sing a number unplugged. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t

PLAYS/MUSICALS (FREE script downloads BELOW!)



The Green Room
Musical by Chuck Pelletier Stephen Foster & Rod Damer

A backstage musical exploring the lives of 4 theatre majors as they go through college and plan for their futures in NYC.



Legends and Bridge
Comedy by Stephen Foster

Camp version of “Fued” meets “Judy” imagining Crawford, Davis & Garand living together in 1965.


Comedy by Stephen Foster & Carey Scott Wilkerson

An informal lecture where the diva is deconstructed using Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli, Judy Garland and Karen Carpenter as examples.


Download GREEN ROOM script

Download Legends and Bridge script

Download Divanalysis script

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