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From the award-winning filmmaking team of “That’s Opportunity Knocking” comes a new screwbyte comedy:


The first road movie with no drivers.

Written and directed by Charles Pelletier. Produced by Stephen Foster.

When all that’s good about middle-class workers meets all that’s bad about corporate millionaires and all that’s wrong with technology, the inevitable result is a hysterical new comedy short that slashes the tires of corporate America.

A comedy short where road movies collides with screwball comedy. A madcap satire that pokes fun at all modern age Oligarchies where the rich get richer and the poor get run over by corporate greed and billionaires. Or do they?Glen Hanson (C. Stephen Foster) lands a job through nepotism at his uncle’s driverless car company “Oleg” (OUR CARS DRIVE THEMSELVES!) which is under the umbrella of a mega-rich company Oligarchy, Inc.

MIles (Will Roberts) is a greedy, self-serving CEO who runs his office with manipulation and gaslighting tactics.  He has cut the company down to 2 people to handle the work of 23.  He pretends to oversee the company but is only interested in pleasing the bigger money people. And making more money.

“You handle the customers, Raj handles the computers and I handle…?”

 Raj the IT guy, making minimum wage after his salary has been cut by Miles, runs the driverless cars through an archaic computer system where he controls the cars. Glen is none to happy about returning to the inside belly of the corporate dinosuar, but makes the best of it. He has been fired from his last 3 jobs for anger issues. Miles believes those skills might come in handy.

Meanwhile, 2 sets of cars are set into motion: 2 corporate Dbags: Johnny (Donald Burns) & Alex (Daniel Luna),  are headed to a power conference while Woodrow, a quaker, tries to sweet talk Randy, a redneck, into joining his church. Things are rolling along nicely until…

Things heat up when Glen gets his first phone call from a corporate suit Joanne (Renee Laramore) who is super annoyed her car was NOT on time, in fact, 35 minutes late. She is frustrated  by the phone tree and incompetence of Glen who is experiencing Dante’s inferno with no job training except a truncated tutorial from Raj.
Of course, Miles is MILES AWAY networking with the powers that be Darren (Steven Morana),  jetsetting to the Boston shareholders meeting and ignoring Glen & Raj’s repeated calls.

Glen and Raj are two rats caught in the maze of trying to appease and glad-hand Joanne who taunts & threatens them with name-calling and posturing. “I will have you fired!” Not only has someone moved the cheese, but they have eaten it.

Raj attempts to keep Glen’s anger under control as he tries to handle the out of control Joanne. Raj tries to get Glen to see the bigger picture by teaching him meditation.
But Glen has corporate road rage burning at the incompitence of the company. Finally, Joanne gets Raj on the line, she really pushes his buttons, until he decides to get back. Don’t mess with the boys on the bottom of the ladder.

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